Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Green Thumb?

                   So Lon and I decided that we wanted to try our hand at gardening. Now this all came about because of our obsession with Caprese salads which we would buy fresh basil for. Now every week we would buy a new plant because the other one died and this went on for awhile. Finally we decided to actually keep the plant alive...go figure right? Our trip to Home Depot went from buying ONE pot for the basil plant to SIX pots and 5 new types of plants. We bought the plants first, and then researched how to grow them...this I do not recommend. Did you know that EVERYTHING cross pollinates!? Yea me neither! I insisted that we buy peppers which contaminates everything. Needless to say we will probably have the spiciest basil and rosemary you've ever tasted but on the plus side....We have our first tomato growing!(and yes it will probably be the spiciest tomato EVER!) I did not realize how much I am enjoying our little garden though. I am always looking for new things that Lon and I can do together (that he won't completely moan and groan about) and this has turned out to be something that we both like.

               On a side note, I voted yesterday. Yes, I know everyone is tired of talking/hearing about politics, but I am proud to be a voter. I honestly waited until 6:30 to vote last night which made Lon just about kill me, but by 6:55 I was done and pretty proud of myself. I have a very good friend of mine that was running for State Representative in my hometown in Pennsylvania, who unfortunately did not win, but you have no idea how proud I am! I have the craziest stories about this guy and he was a great friend of mine through highschool. It just absolutely amazes me how far everyone has come since those days. He is a war veteran and hopefully a great politian one day! My hat is off to AJ who one day I hope will achieve his goals!


  1. You'll have to come over and teach me all things gardening. Ben and I started one about a year ago and our peppers made everything SUPER spicy. I got one tomato and then kind of neglected the poor thing! Come and give me your green thumb!

  2. My thumb is a bit yellow. If the plant can be patient with me, it deserves to live. That sounded a bit harsh, but it's true! I always forget to water my little green babies. My terrarium had been a success, thus far.
    XO Laura